You’ll always be my Valentine – couple share the secrets of a 60-year marriage

A devoted, local couple have been sharing their top tips for a long and healthy marriage at The Manor House Bupa Care Home on the Wirral. 

Resident Margaret (86) and her husband, Malcolm Davies (84) are just as devoted today as they were 60 years ago, and this Valentine’s will spend the day doing what they enjoy doing most – being by each other’s side.

Malcolm will pay a visit to the care home on Moreton Road and enjoy a cup of tea, a slice of cake and a lively chat with Margaret before they both nod off for a nap in each other’s company.

Malcolm confides, “I treasure the time that we get to see each other during our visits. Enjoying quality time together has played a big part in maintaining our long, happy and loving marriage.”

On 15 September, Margaret and Malcolm will celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary, and the couple are hoping to spend their special day surrounded by their friends and family at The Manor House Bupa Care Home.

When asked for their top tips to a long-lasting and happy marriage, Margaret revealed, “Don’t keep secrets and try not to argue. Relationships should be about making each other smile, so try and have a laugh and a joke together. Malcolm’s sense of humour is my favourite thing about him – he is always making me giggle!”

The loved-up couple first met at a dance at Woolwich Polytechnic in 1957, with Tammy by Debbie Reynolds playing when they first laid eyes on each other. Malcolm remembers, “It was definitely love at first sight for us both. Luckily for all the onlookers, we didn’t dance together, as with Margaret’s two left feet, we’re no Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers!”

Malcolm says of Margaret, “She is perfect just the way she is. We have so many wonderful memories together, it’s hard to try and even pick my favourite. Our wedding day, the birth of our daughters and the growth of our family have all been such wonderful, shared experiences and we’re still making happy memories during the time we spend together, here at The Manor House.”

Margaret and Malcolm share two daughters, Ann-Carol and Sally Elizabeth and throughout their married life have enjoyed a joint passion for fashion. Margaret worked as a seamstress altering dresses for superstars such as Shirley Bassey, whilst Malcom worked for British fashion retailer, Austin Reed. Malcolm and Margaret were also part of the Rock Ferry History Society and contributed to a book called, to celebrate the local history of the Wirral area.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Malcolm says, “We’ve always treated every day as if it were Valentine’s Day. Our love is strong all year round. It’s been a difficult couple of years and the pandemic has really highlighted the importance of taking joy out of each visit and the time we’re able to spend together. This Valentine’s Day will be no different, and I look forward to sharing a cup of tea and having a natter with my Margaret – what more could I ask for?”

The Manor House Bupa Care Home Manager, Kathryn McDonald concludes, “Malcolm and Margaret are such a devoted couple – their love for one another is so moving and they epitomise a happy marriage. All of the care home team are looking forward to celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary later this year and helping them to make it a day to remember.”

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