Year sees Wirral plant another 21,000 trees

Residents, volunteers, partners, and schools have helped the council to exceed its planting target for the third consecutive year running.

The council has an ambitious target, set out in the Tree, Woodland and Hedgerow Strategy to plant 21,000 trees every year until 2030 to help increase tree coverage across the borough.

Between November 2022 and the start of 2023, Wirral held its first tree giveaways. 2,163 trees were given out to residents and a further 8,123 trees were provided to garden waste customers who wanted them. Trees were provided for residents to plant in their gardens or another area that they have permission to plant in (such as a community space).

With 21,040 trees planted in total, the remaining trees created seven new orchards that local community groups are now caring for, two new woodlands and an arboretum for the borough.

The arboretum, an area planted with a variety of different tree types, will be used to support Wirral’s schools, community groups and residents to learn more about the appearance and qualities of different trees as well as their importance.

Not only that but also an additional 600 metres of hedgerow has also been planted.

Watch the video below to see just a few of the fantastic volunteers who took part.

The hard work isn’t over just yet though, the council and its partners will be working together to look after and maintain these sites so the newly planted trees can thrive.

If you would like to get involved with any maintenance activity, you can email the council’s tree team on

To find out more about trees in Wirral, visit

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