Woodchurch Road Academy students bring history to life at the Williamson Art Gallery

On Friday, 5 July, from 3:30 PM to 5:30 PM, the Williamson Art Gallery will host a special event showcasing the creative efforts of Year 4 and 5 students from Woodchurch Road Academy.

The exhibition, titled “Walking in the Footsteps of Strangers,” is set to be a captivating journey through the history of migration and settlement on the Wirral Peninsula.

“Walking in the Footsteps of Strangers” offers visitors a unique glimpse into the evolution of the Wirral, from ancient settlers to modern-day diversity.

Curated entirely by the young minds of Woodchurch Road Academy, this exhibition is a testament to the power of education in fostering both historical understanding and local pride.

A Walk-Through Time: Exploring Wirral’s Rich Heritage

As attendees step into the Williamson Art Gallery, they will be greeted by a meticulously crafted Human Timeline that traces the history of human settlement on the Wirral peninsula. This timeline, designed and researched by the students, brings to life the stories of the peninsula’s early inhabitants, including a notable section on the Viking era.

Moving beyond the past, the exhibition also explores the modern-day advances of the Wirral. Students have created dynamic representations that highlight the region’s growth and celebrate its vibrant, diverse community. Through maps and models, visitors can see how Wirral has transformed over centuries, merging history with contemporary perspectives.

Interactive Experiences and Cultural Performances

The exhibition is not just a visual feast; it is an interactive experience designed to engage visitors of all ages. Cosy Story Tents will feature young narrators who bring local legends and tales to life, creating a magical atmosphere for all. Additionally, the Performance Poetry section promises to captivate audiences with heartfelt reflections on themes of migration and what it means to call a place ‘home.’

A special highlight of the afternoon will be the performance of “The Wirral Song,” written by the late Don Woods. This touching tribute to the Wirral’s heritage will be performed by his son, Steve Woods, alongside the students, creating a memorable musical experience that ties together the historical and emotional essence of the peninsula.

Part of an Innovative Curriculum

The exhibition is a part of Woodchurch Road Academy’s innovative Expeditionary Curriculum, which emphasises projects that connect global understanding with local action. This curriculum encourages students to delve deep into their community’s history while fostering a broader perspective on cultural and social dynamics.

Headteacher of Woodchurch Road Academy, Alexandra Borrill, expressed pride in the students’ accomplishments, stating, “Our students have worked tirelessly to create an exhibition that is not only informative but also deeply engaging. We are excited to share their work with the community. Diversity, inclusion and community are at the heart of our curriculum, this is a local project for local people.”

A Community Celebration of History and Creativity

“Walking in the Footsteps of Strangers” promises to be an enriching experience for all who attend.

The exhibition is free and open to the public, making it an excellent opportunity for families and history enthusiasts alike to learn about the Wirral’s past and present through the eyes of its youngest residents.

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