Woman with ankle injury rescued on Hilbre Island

Yesterday afternoon, Wirral Coastguard was tasked to Hilbre Island to a woman suffering from an ankle injury.

With the lady unable to weight bear on the injured ankle, it was the job of Wirral Coastguard Rescue Team to ensure she got off the island safely.

The team attended Dee Lane car park in West Kirby and liaised with Paramedics from Spark Medical who had been mobilised by North West Ambulance Service.

The decision was made to transport the Paramedics to Hilbre Island in Wirral Coastguard’s 4×4 vehicle to enable them to carry out an assessment of the casualty.

On arrival at the island, paramedics assessed the casualty and deemed that it was safe to transport her to the ambulance in the 4×4 off-road vehicle.

The casualty was safely transported to Spark Medicals Ambulance before being taken to Arrowe Park Hospital for further treatment.

All images credit: Wirral Coastguard