Woman jailed for knife offence and attempting to set fire to hostel

A woman has been jailed for more than two years for attempting to set fire to a hostel and waving a knife around in Liverpool city centre.

Angela Marie Roberts, 54 years, of Liverpool was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison at Liverpool Crown Court on Wednesday 1 November.

She pleaded guilty to possession of bladed article, arson reckless to endanger life and criminal damage.

The court heard that on 17 May, officers were on patrol in Church Street, Liverpool city centre when they sighted a Roberts waving a knife towards them and members of the public. They arrested and charged Roberts for possessing a knife in public.

A further incident occurred in the early hours of 30 December last year where officers were called to Anne Fowler House on Fraser Street after receiving a report that a woman was attempting to set fire to a door using toilet paper and a lighter but failed.

The suspect then went into a room where a fire was started which caused significant smoke damage. Roberts was later arrested and charged.

Speaking about the case, Detective Inspector Neil Dillon said, “Both incidents involving Roberts… endangered the lives of members of the public and caused distress to those involved.

“Thankfully the officers on patrol responded quickly upon seeing Roberts threatening people and detained her before she could cause any harm to others. She also put further lives in danger when she set fire to the premises where fellow residents lived.”

Detective Inspector Dillon added, “The use of knives can have devastating consequences, not only for the victim and their family but also for the offenders involved. 

“Our officers are therefore committed to removing anyone who stores, carries and uses weapons, through proactive use of stop and search powers, open land searches, warrants and education work alongside partners.  We continue to seek out those involved in knife crime”.

Image: Angela Marie Roberts/Merseyside Police

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