Wirral woman says her lockdown business can help rising anxiety as covid rules end

Wirral woman, Ellen Cullen from Wallasey, quit her job during lockdown to set up Life-Shift, combining the art of yoga with mindfulness and counselling. After years of experience in the NHS, private and charity sectors, Ellen’s goal is to get people’s lives back on track – whatever it is they are going through.

Whether it is alleviating anxiety caused by the pandemic as a reported 1 in 5 people are suffering from Covid-19 anxiety syndrome ; or providing healing strategies to help those affected by grief; or helping employees reintegrate into a workplace after lockdown, Ellen’s business offers a variety of services that can help.

As her own life has been touched by trauma, loss, grief and overcoming cancer, Ellen not only has the training to help others learn skills to ease their pain; but she also has a great deal of empathy due to her own personal experiences.

Yet her determination and positivity has pushed her through her obstacles to her goal of creating a business to help others. Ellen says: “I felt so relieved and grateful to have come through my darkest days, I wanted to use my experience to ‘give back’ and help others who may be struggling for whatever reason that might be.

“That said, my services are also for people who actually feel very well within themselves and who include all things well being into their lives because they want to stay well!

“Lockdown kick-started a period of deep reflection whereby I became clear sighted on what I really wanted to do next in my life – hence Life-Shift was born, and I began to set up my own business.

Covid-19 has added an extra layer of anxiety to people’s lives about job security, uncertainty about the future, re-integration into the workplace and even travelling on public transport.

“For families, there are ongoing worries around the impacts of disrupted schooling on children and for family members who attend University. Wider family worries – there is particular concern for older relatives who may have been feeling disconnected and isolated”.

So, Ellen has taken the step of extending her services to set up three workshops at the Floral Pavillion, New Brighton, this September to deal with the demand of enquiries she’s receiving.

The first is a workshop on 5 September for those who have experienced the pain of child loss. Ellen’s training means she has the skills to help bereaved parents process their grief with mindfulness techniques and practices.

The second is a yoga retreat on 12 September, which is aimed at influencing a more positive life balance to help with a range of problems from anxiety, low energy, migraines, digestive problems and a plethora of ongoing health issues.

Finally, the third is a mindfulness workshop to help deal with life’s stressful situations and be more present to enjoy life more. It involves learning new skills to help calm mind and body which can be used throughout life in a range of areas.

All of these sessions promise to be hugely rewarding and enlightening, however, Ellen also provides weekly yoga classes as well as 1-2-1 counselling sessions, by phone, online or face to face.

Contact Ellen at Life-Shift for more information on any of her services.

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