Wirral Ways to Recovery feature in BBC documentary

A new BBC News documentary was broadcast at the weekend focusing on the Wirral Ways to Recovery community substance misuse service.

Among those featured in the programme are two service users Tony and Mike.  A camera crew followed them on their journey to recovery as they take on the challenge of tackling their substance misuse and mental health issues, while navigating life in Wirral Ways, their homes and in their local community.

Established in 2015, Wirral Ways to Recovery is a free and confidential service, commissioned by Wirral Council, for anyone affected by drug or alcohol misuse, including adults, young people (18+), families and carers. The service is led by experienced staff and volunteers, to provide a range of recovery, and support programmes for those who have concerns about their substance misuse.

The BBC was granted access to Wirral Ways and spent a year filming the incredible journeys of the service users and the staff who are caring for them as they trialled a new way to treat people and addiction.

At a time when drug-related deaths in the UK are on the rise, this is an eye-opening and honest exploration of the battle people face to abstain from using.

Julie Webster, Wirral’s Director of Public Health, said, “I hope this new BBC documentary about people’s personal struggles with addiction and mental health will help others have to the courage to open up about theirs and engage with the services and support available in Wirral.

“No one should be left behind on the road to recovery. Having easy access to high quality treatment can saves lives”.

Andrew Cass, Services Manager of Change Grow Live Wirral who run the Wirral Ways programme said, “We believe that all those suffering from addiction have the right to long-term support and its vital that services continue to be invested in so that we can achieve better outcomes for those affected by addiction and that they are able to re-connect with community”.

Wirral has been selected as an ‘accelerator site’ to be a part of the Government’s national ‘Project ADDER’, (Addiction, Diversion, Disruption, Enforcement and Recovery) scheme to tackle drug-related crime and health impacts.

The scheme is being led by the Council’s public health team who are working with our local specialist drug treatment and recovery service and a wide range of partners to further develop and implement support networks to tackle addiction.

Wirral Ways to Recovery aired on BBC News Channel on 21 May at 1.30pm and on BBC News on 22 May at 2.30pm and is nowavailable to catch up on BBC iPlayer.

Image: Two Wirral Ways service users

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