Wirral Waters: Infrastructure work continues on Tower Road

The Wirral Waters project is progressing with infrastructure work currently being undertaken on Tower Road, which will remain closed to vehicular traffic until March 5th, 2021.

The Tower Road Streetscape works covers the public highway between the ‘C’ Bridge and the junction with Rendell Street. Tower Road is one of three key north-south routes across the Great Float that connects Seacombe,
Wallasey and neighbourhoods to the north of the Docks with Birkenhead Town Centre, Woodside, and Hamilton Square, and serves local
businesses and the Irish Ferry Terminal.

The aims of the Tower Road Streetscape Project are to:

  • Deliver a distinctive streetscape that demonstrates a change in direction to strengthen the confidence of potential investors and occupiers.
  • Provide for the increasing numbers of pedestrians and cyclists crossing Tower Road.
  • Support growth, new jobs, and learning by creating a safe, attractive street that encourages investment, occupancy, activity, and ‘dwell time’.
  • Improve health and well being by encouraging walking, cycling, and the use of high-quality public transport services, and providing green streets with safe places to meet and dwell.
  • Ensure that the needs of existing businesses are provided for.
  • Create an inclusive street that provides for all ranges of mobility.
  • Make it easier for people to find their way around and increase the sense of safety and direction.
  • Reducing speeding and ‘chasing the green light’.
  • Deliver a flexible street that is able to adapt and respond to the future scale of development and activity set out in the Wirral Waters Masterplan.
  • Deliver a resilient and cost-effective street that can respond to future changes and stages of growth.
Tower Road Infrastructure works. November 13, 2020. Credit: www.fotopiaimages.com

This part of the scheme will greatly improve provision for pedestrians and cyclists, including crossing points, wider pavements, and cycle lanes. Street furniture which is currently mismatched from different recent decades will be replaced in a unified style. The planting of trees will further enhance the area.

The current works will also improve access to the new developments along the road and rejuvenate the streetscape by making it a high quality, safe, attractive street to attract new businesses, workers, students, and visitors.

Tower Road and Four Bridges is a focus for major investment, job creation and training as part of the Wirral Waters proposals. Delivery has started with new buildings and occupiers including the Wirral Met College (Construction Training) and the Contact Company (offices).

Tower Road Infrastructure works. November 13, 2020. Credit: www.fotopiaimages.com

All images credit: Wirral Waters unless otherwise stated.