Wirral Unplugged aims for eCargo bike to help with deliveries

Wirral Unplugged was founded in 2019 as a local community group dedicated to helping parents and carers balance their family’s time on and off screens. 

The aim is to make ‘unplugging’ both easy and cool, through fun events and quality, learning-through-play boxes, and by inspiring carers and children to explore, create and unplug together.

Now, Wirral Unplugged hopes to acquire an eCargo bike, a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional delivery vehicles with the target of enhancing services while minimizing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices.

Since 2019, Wirral Unplugged has been using a bike and donated trailer to drop off boxes and bring materials to events. The events help create opportunities for families to look after their mental health and explore new topics and ideas through play. 

Also, Wirral Unplugged uses the bike to deliver their boxes to peoples homes.

At Easter, they delivered 90 boxes and covered an impressive 120 miles over five days using a borrowed e-cargo bike (pictured above). It became evident that the demand for services was growing, and the regular bike couldn’t handle the increased miles without assistance. To continue serving the community, Wirral Unplugged need their own e-cargo bike.

A spokesperson for Wirral Unplugged said, “One crucial insight we gained during Easter, was the significant impact our box delivery service had on families.

“Many parents and caregivers shared with us that anxiety, sleep deprivation, and complex needs often prevented them from attending events in person.

“However, our box offer allowed them to participate as a family, ensuring that their children still had access to engaging and enriching activities.”

Explaining why an eCargo bike is the best mode of transport, the spokesperson said, “eCargo bikes are much cheaper to run than a car! This will allow us to continue to channel our funding for people and boxes, instead of transport. 

“By replacing traditional delivery vehicles with this eco-friendly alternative, we can uphold our commitment to people and the planet. 

“Your support will enable us to continue providing inclusive services, reaching families all across the Wirral and fostering a sense of belonging and connection within our community.”

You can donate to the eCargo bike fundraiser here

Image: 90 boxes were delivered and 120 miles covered over five days using a borrowed e-cargo bike

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