Wirral Sea Angling Academy hosts visiting blind veterans

Wirral Sea Angling Academy (WSAA) is a charitable not for profit organisation that promotes well being through sea fishing. They host groups of people with mental health issues, substance abuse issues, disabilities, veterans and anyone else who wants to have a go at sea fishing.

On Saturday 25 September, a group from Blind Veterans UK visited Wirral and set up the rods near to the steps of Seacombe Town Hall, overlooking the Liverpool waterfront.

birkenhead.news spoke to Ben Koba, the founder of WSAA, who said, “Blind Veterans UK have brought eight folks up for the weekend. Today, we’re doing a shore fishing event and tonight we’re having a party at the West Cheshire Sailing Club in Wallasey! Tomorrow we’re holding a boat fishing event for our visitors.”

Kevin Alderton is the Working Age Members Liaison Officer for Blind Veterans UK. He said, “Part of our remit is to provide peer support for our members. This can be based around new experiences and challenges, proving that there is life after sight-loss.”

“Hopefully, with events such as today’s, it’s really given the guys a chance to try something new and maybe take up as a hobby when they go home. We go to lots of events around the country, ranging from driving off-road vehicles and hovercraft, even axe throwing. Events like this are really good for members’ mental health and wellbeing, enjoying the fresh air outdoors, creating a new network of friends and giving yourself a bit of a purpose.”

Each of the veterans has a sighted volunteer assisting them. Mick Rowlands was one of them and of the day’s event, he said, “I think what Ben does for people is just amazing. He’s a top, top lad!”

You can either contact the ‘Wirral Sea Angling Academy’ through their Facebook group , or by contacting Ben Koba  on Facebook directly.

Wirral Sea Angling Academy – https://www.facebook.com/groups/723392068274819

Blind Veterans UK – https://www.blindveterans.org.uk/

(L-R) Mick Rowlands, Kevin Alderton, Ben Koba, Jimmy Madden, and Jamie Weller.

Images credit: www.fotopiaimages.com

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