Wirral residents told “one jab is not enough” as cases rise

Wirral’s Director of Public Health is urging people to attend their second dose vaccination appointment when they are invited so they can protect themselves fully from COVID-19.

Over 169,000 people have had both doses of the vaccination in Wirral but with cases continuing to rise it is important that anyone who has an appointment for their second jab keeps it.

New research by Public Health England has shown that two doses of the vaccines have been found to be highly effective against hospitalisation from the transmissible Delta variant which is now widely circulating in the community.

Showing that after two doses:

  •      the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is 96% effective against hospitalisation
  •      the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine is 92% effective against hospitalisation  

Director of Public Health for Wirral Julie Webster said: “If you have been contacted to come back for your second jab please keep the appointment. We know protection lasts for much longer with both parts of the vaccine. The vaccines have been through extensive testing and are safe, but one dose won’t give you full protection. People only have maximum protection if they have both parts.

“The Delta variant is now the dominant variant in Wirral and is very easily passed from person to person, but we know the vaccine offers the best possible protection against becoming seriously ill. I would urge everyone who is eligible to get their second jab to do so.

“The biggest increase in cases in Wirral are in the lower age groups who have not yet been fully vaccinated. That shows the vaccine is working in older people who have full protection from two jabs.  You wouldn’t go out half-dressed and the approach to the vaccine is the same. You need two doses for maximum protection.”

People in Wirral who booked their first appointment through the national booking service will have booked both their first and second appointments at the same time, and can log in at www.nhs.uk/covidvaccine to be reminded of their arrangements in the “manage my appointments” section. If you called 119 to book you will have been given details of your second appointment over the phone.

Those who received their first dose through a GP service will be contacted to receive the second part of their vaccination, they do not need to contact the NHS. However, if they are not contacted, they should call the practice that organised their first appointment.

Watch the video below with Dr Jamie Barfield from The Village Medical Centre in Wallasey as he explains why it is so important to get fully vaccinated. 

Watch the video with Dr Jamie Barfield from The Village Medical Centre in Wallasey as he explains why it is so important to get fully vaccinated. 
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