Wirral Police to hold Birkenhead ‘Safer Streets’ Facebook watch party

Merseyside Police is hosting a Facebook Watch Party on Monday, June 7 2021 to update residents in North Birkenhead about the £550,000 Safer Streets project.

The event, which takes place during Neighbourhood Watch Week, will also give residents the opportunity to learn how joining the community-based scheme will help keep them safe.

Led by Inspector Tom Welch, the Facebook Watch Party will take place between 1:30pm and 2pm and will include Lynne Fairclough, Acting Chair of Merseyside Neighbourhood Watch and Paul Morrison from Wirral Borough Council who will be on hand to answer questions about the Safer Streets project.

The Safer Streets project is aimed at cutting crime and improving safety in North Birkenhead using measures proven to prevent crime including the installation of new locked alley gates between housing rows, enhancing street lighting on all main roads in the area, as well as upgrading and repairing CCTV and infrastructure.

The funding will also be used, as soon as it is deemed safe due to Covid-19, to carry out ‘days of action’ to clean up the area and fix long-standing problems, such as repairing broken lighting, seats and benches, bins and railings, all with the aim of making the streets safer for its 8,400 residents.

Alongside Merseyside Police, the Safer Streets Project involves Wirral Borough Council, North Birkenhead Development Trust and Cradle to Career.

Insp Welch said, “The vast majority of the work has now been completed so we wanted to do something that would not only update the residents of North Birkenhead but will give them an opportunity to ask us questions on a live platform.

“The latest Facebook Watch party will include Lynne Fairclough who is the Acting Chair of Merseyside Neighbourhood Watch. She will be on hand to answer any questions people may have about setting up a scheme in their area, which will have massive benefits to those living there. 

“There is already a very successful Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in South Wirral to which huge numbers of residents have signed up and the coordinator regularly links in with the policing team.

“The local officers send crime prevention alerts, advice, news and events to the coordinator who disseminates this information by email.

“It works as a two-way communication so concerns from the community about particular issues are also fed back to the policing team to respond. It would be great if such a scheme was launched in the Birkenhead area – together we are stronger.”

To access the Watch Party head to the Wirral Police Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/WirralPolice/

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