Wirral nurse struck off for attack on dementia resident

A care home nurse has been struck off for ill-treating an elderly male dementia resident at the Wirral care home where she worked.

Lohan Monalisa Maria was disciplined by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) on four charges that she slapped, punched, and kicked the resident and left him in soiled clothing.

Two healthcare assistants who also worked at the home in Port Sunlight reported the abuse to the NMC.

The victim is referred to as ‘Resident A’ in this article to protect their identity.

One of the healthcare assistants told the NMC panel, “‘To my absolute shock Ms Maria approached [Resident A] from behind and whilst she was standing behind [Resident A] she slapped both sides of his head a few times.

“I could not believe what I had witnessed, I felt absolutely disgusted and words cannot describe how sad I felt for [Resident A]. [Resident A] wobbled when Maria slapped him and I was scared that [Resident A] may fall.”

The panel concluded that Ms Monalisa Maria’s actions were found proved in three of the four charges with the charge of the resident being left in soiled clothes being unproved.

The panel said that Ms Monalisa Maria’s actions “amounted to bullying, harassment and physical abuse” and fell seriously short of the conduct and standards expected of a nurse and amounted to misconduct.

The panel concluded by saying that it had “considered this case very carefully and has decided to make a striking-off order. It directs the registrar to strike Ms Monalisa Maria off the register. The effect of this order is that the NMC register will show that Ms Monalisa Maria has been struck-off the register.”

Image: Pixabay

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