Wirral mum says twins born nine weeks early being looked after by ‘amazing’ staff at Arrowe Park Neonatal Unit

Oxton mum, Hayley Burgess, went into Arrowe Park Hospital not knowing she was in labour, as she wasn’t due for another nine weeks.

Hayley told birkenhead.news, “The staff were amazing and have continued to be so. I had the twins nine weeks early. Charlie was born on Friday 30 September at 11:30pm and Layla followed at three minutes past 12 on Saturday morning, 1 October.”

The Neonatal Unit at Arrowe Park is a designated Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit – one of only two in Cheshire and Merseyside. This means that care for some of the most poorly babies is available.

The Neonatal Unit has 24 cots which enable the team to provide specialised care for babies from around 24 weeks of pregnancy. Many of the babies cared for are born early (premature). However, some babies born around the time they are due (term) can have problems too, some requiring a brief stay and others a more intensive, longer stay.

Brother, Benjamin with one of the twins
One of the twins in a cot at the neonatal unit

Hayley explained that the twins were split up due to limited space in the unit, “The staff caring for the babies now and the staff I have encountered since having the babies cannot do enough for you. There is limited space in the neonatal unit and Charlie is progressing a bit more than Layla, so Charlie had to move rooms to make space for other poorly babies.”

“As a parent this is hard but every baby is important. The staff go out of their way to make space for parents.”

Staff at the hospital made sure Hayley and the family were comfortable and that they were able to spend quality time with their newborn children in difficult times.

Hayley continued, “I think it’s really important that more space is made for parents, babies and staff. People come from all over with their poorly premature babies. I know the nurses themselves have fundraised, showing how much they care for our children.”

Hayley is now raising funds for improvements at the Arrowe Park Neonatal Unit. You can donate by visiting this link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/hayley-burgess4

Summing up, Hayley said, “Everyone knows someone or is someone who has experienced having a child in neonatal. These are our children and that’s why I feel it so important to support the staff in their efforts.

“Also with COVID coming back around space is needed to avoid infection.

“I’m asking people to come forward with ideas or even the smallest of donations as every penny counts. I know from all of us that this is very much appreciated and will make a huge difference thank you.”

Hayley with one of her twins

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