Wirral MPs to meet Minister to address gun violence following murder of Elle Edwards

The UK Government will meet with MPs today to look at fighting the “growth of violent gangs” on the Wirral.

This follows calls by MPs Dame Angela Eagle, Alison McGovern, Mick Whitley, and Margaret Greenwood to meet with Home Secretary Suella Braverman in January in the weeks after the Elle Edwards murder.

Elle Edwards was shot outside the Lighthouse Pub in Wallasey Village on Christmas Eve last year. Police believe she was not the intended target of the shooting, with four men also injured during the incident.

Connor Chapman, of Houghton Road, in Woodchurch, was charged with Elle’s murder in January. The 23-year-old has denied the charge and a trial has been scheduled for June 12.

The meeting with MPs will take place on May 15 with Minister of State for Crime, Policing and Fire Chris Philip and Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner Emily Spurrell.

Wallasey MP Dame Angela Eagle said she hoped it would be “a constructive opportunity” to discuss “our increasing concerns about the increase in gun violence on the Wirral, and to discuss with him the additional support that would enable Wirral to tackle this head on.”

She added, “After the tragic murders of Olivia Pratt-Korbel, Ashley Dale and Sam Rimmer, we saw the Government’s willingness to provide much-needed emergency support, so are hopeful we can obtain similar provision dedicated for the Wirral.

“This support is vital to support those affected in the aftermath, and to enable the longer-term, sustainable expansion of measures such as ‘Clear, Hold, Build’ and intervention work with vulnerable young people.

“We all want to ensure that no more families lose loved ones as the Edwards family have. We want the Minister to offer practical help so that we can fight the growth of violent gangs and organised crime together in the most effective way.”

Dame Angela Eagle pointed to emergency funding to Liverpool and Knowsley in the wake of the murders of Olivia Pratt-Korbel, Ashley Dale and Sam Rimmer including £150,000 to provide support for those affected and trauma-informed provision in local schools.

Then Home Secretary Priti Patel also allocated £350,000 to expand the ‘Clear, Hold, Build’ pilot which looks at increasing police presence, building up stronger communities, and cleaning and improving areas.

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