Wirral MPs slam PM Johnson over Christmas party

Wirral MPs have reacted with anger about the Christmas party said to have taken place at Downing Street on 18 December last year.

Such gatherings were banned under the COVID-19 restrictions at the time and many have pointed out the hypocrisy of holding a party at the time and claiming that it was ‘one rule for them and another for the rest of us.’

Birkenhead MP, Mick Whitley said, “Boris Johnson accuses anyone who holds him to account of “playing politics”. He just doesn’t get it. At a crucial juncture in the fight against Omicron, he’s critically undermined public confidence in public health measures.

“Johnson must explain why he felt entitled to flout public health rules at a time when my constituents were making extraordinary sacrifices and experiencing such tremendous heartbreak. For the first time ever, he should take responsibility for his actions.”, he said.

Mr Whitley was unequivocal when he said of Boris Johnson, “He should resign.”

Mr Johnson has claimed that no such party took place, but immediately contradicting himself saying that “all guidelines were followed” at the non-existent party.

Alison McGovern, MP for Wirral South was equally scathing: “If there was no party, Boris Johnson could just say so. He could just tell us the truth. Instead…silence.”

“He doesn’t care.”, Ms McGovern said of the PM’s attitude.

This morning, there was no government minister available to appear on BBC Breakfast. Alison McGovern responded: “Lots of constituents have understandably written to me about #PartyGate. And Boris Johnson has no-one willing to explain to them what happened.”

The whole episode has left many frustrated that they had to cancel parties and weddings and most infuriatingly not be able to visit sick and dying relatives in hospital or even attend family funerals.

On 7 December 2021, a video of Government adviser, Allegra Stratton, said to be from December 2020 was included in a special report by ITV News. The clip showed Stratton during a mock press conference. She joked about a Christmas gathering in 10 Downing Street, which BBC News reported as having “several dozen” attendees.

Stratton and other Downing Street staff joked about the “imaginary party” being just “cheese and wine” and a “business meeting”, with “no social distancing.”

As a consequence of this leaked footage, on 8 December, the continued controversy led to Stratton telling journalists outside her house that she has resigned.

“To all of you that lost loved ones, who endured intolerable loneliness and struggled with your businesses, I am truly sorry,” she said.

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