Wirral Met exhibition celebrates 30 years of Arts Degree Shows at Williamson

For three decades, students from Wirral Met have showcased their Degree Shows at the Williamson Art Gallery.

In keeping with tradition, this year’s show at the Williamson Art Gallery carries forward the legacy of showcasing the latest emerging talent from the region. It presents a diverse range of works encompassing Fine Art, Illustration, Animation, and Photography.

This event also marks the final year of the Fine Art course, making it a special year for the graduating students. It provides a unique opportunity to witness a retrospective exhibition that runs alongside the main show, offering a glimpse into the artistic journey and growth of the participants throughout their studies.

Birkenhead News spoke to two of the artists whose work is on display.

Bethany Walker (main image) is an illustration student. She told Birkenhead News, “My project was horror based because typically my style is quite feminine, ethereal, and a bit cartoony. I wanted to challenge myself a little bit and do something out of the ordinary and get to draw things like zombies and skulls and all that kind of gruesome stuff!

“I feel like since the beginning of the course I have developed loads in terms of my confidence – especially doing things like this exhibition, and putting your work out there. I’m usually a bit worried about doing stuff like that, so it gets you out of your comfort zone a lot.

“It’s opened me up to doing more like different styles, and trying new things and the tutors do help with pushing you towards doing stuff you wouldn’t usually do.”

Judith Welham (pictured above) is a Fine Art student at Wirral Met. She explained her artwork to us, “In 2022, I walked the accessible stretches of the River Clwyd in North Wales. While I was walking, I videoed the patterns on the surface of the water and dropped a GoPro camera into the water to capture video footage of the patterns under the water, and the light on the stones on the river bed, the rapids, and the bubbles in the water. The results and artwork from that process was a video documenting the river.

“Then this year, I’ve taken that step further and I’ve done paintings based on the video footage. I’ve also included my observations at the time as I was walking down the river. The result is a series of paintings that takes you on a journey from Clocaenog Forest to the estuary at Rhyl.

“It’s got some sound recordings attached to it so you can use QR codes for listening to the river at different points. It goes from babbling streams and birdsong at the beginning to police sirens at the end. The idea is to evoke memories and give you an experience of something that is similar to being in the place, and hopefully will be quite relaxing.”

(L-R) Fine Art students, Richard Holmes, Belinda Wong, Judith Welham, and Stephen George of what is the final year of the Fine Art course at the college

Principal of Wirral Met College, Sue Higginson, said, “Our 2023 Degree Exhibition not only celebrates the achievements of our talented final year students, but also provides an exciting opportunity for members of the public to come along to witness emerging creative talent within the region”.

The Wirral Met Degree Show runs until 27 May at the Williamson Art Gallery and Museum, Slatey Road, Birkenhead.

Images: www.fotopiaimages.com

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