Wirral man becomes BBC Merseyside climate and environment reporter

A Wirral man has become the climate and environment reporter at BBC Radio Merseyside.

Ellis Palmer, 29, is from Claughton and takes on the role part-time alongside his work as a journalist on the BBC World Service.

The role will see the former St Joseph’s (Upton), Woodchurch, and West Kirby Grammar student delve deep into communities on Merseyside and look at the problems they face and how people are coming together to resolve common challenges.

“I’m very excited to be taking on this position at Radio Merseyside. I’m passionate about the Wirral and the broader Merseyside region as well as tackling climate change, so this role is perfect for me and my interests”, Ellis – who uses a handcycle as well as public transport to get around – said.

“It’s been great to get started in this role – so far, I’ve looked at what those who attended the Taylor Swift gigs in Liverpool could do to lessen their impact on the environment and renter-friendly planting kits for Kev Duala’s new-look Breakfast programme.”

“I’m really keen to hear from communities across Merseyside about how they are doing their bit to tackle climate change and any ideas they have.

“At the BBC Merseyside office, I’ve already got my colleagues recycling their teabags and food waste into compost”, the former BBC Lancashire political reporter said.

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