Wirral Leisure to open the fun pool at Europa this summer

The leisure pool at Europa Pools will be open for children during the summer holidays – but only if there are no COVID-19 restrictions from 19 July.

At a meeting on 16 June, the Tourism, Communities, Culture and Leisure committee voted to open up the facility from 19 July until 5 September, subject to any Government announcements on whether social distancing restrictions can be safely lifted.

In March of this year, as part of the council’s budget setting process, it was agreed that the fun pool would only open during the school summer holidays, when the income it generates can support the costs needed to run it.

This means that the pool reopening is now dependent on COVID-19 restrictions, that limit the number of people able to visit the pool, being lifted.

Europa Pools originally closed at the start of the first lockdown, in March 2020. While some of the exercise classes, and swimming activities using the competition pool resumed, the leisure pool remained closed.

The council’s leisure teams are now going through the process of reopening the pool ensuring all the necessary health, safety and engineering checks have been made ready for when the facility can reopen.

At the committee meeting, councillors debated two options; the first was keeping the fun pool closed until the start of the summer holidays 2022 and in the meantime use the space for alternative exercise activities, the second was to instruct officers to take the action necessary to reopen the leisure pool in time for the 2021 summer holidays.

The second option was carried. The café at Europa will also open during the summer.

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