Wirral landmarks to shine a light on secondary breast cancer by lighting up in charity’s colours

Make 2nds Count has confirmed that the Woodside Tunnel Ventilation Building and Seacombe Ferry Terminal Tower will be joining 23 landmarks from across the UK, that will form the ‘Shine a Light on Secondaries’ campaign.

The campaign has been coordinated to highlight the lack of awareness and support available across the UK for patients and their loved ones living with incurable cancer. 

On 13 October 2022, venues across the UK will join Mersey Gateway, Radio City Tower, St Helens Bridge, Georges Dock Building, Woodside Tunnel Ventilation Building and Seacombe Ferry Terminal Tower and shine brightly in the charity’s colours, pink, purple and teal, as part of the national campaign designed to “Shine a Light” on Secondary Breast Cancer Day, which is often overlooked amidst the wider narrative around Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October). 

A YouGov survey commissioned this year by Make 2nds Count revealed that 29% of UK adults who are either diagnosed or know a friend or family member with secondary breast cancer felt that research and support were insufficient and not readily available for patients or loved ones. 

It also confirmed that only 23% of these UK respondents asked would look to the mainstream media as a source of information and support when dealing with secondary breast cancer, whilst a staggering 59% refer to charities offering one-to-one advice and personal experience. 

Heather Moffitt, a trustee of Make 2nds Count who is living with Stage 4 (metastatic) breast cancer, comments, “We desperately need people to be aware of this forgotten form of breast cancer. We need to change the narrative and raise so much more awareness around the signs and symptoms of this disease.  

“Secondary breast cancer is incurable and without further research and education, this disease will continue to destroy the lives of so many. That’s why we’ve joined forces with venues across the UK to mark a moment and Shine a Light on this disease and the important work that needs to be done.” 

The disease, also known as metastatic, advanced or stage IV breast cancer, is a cancer that has spread beyond the breast to other parts of the body and is incurable. On average there are around 35,000 patients in the UK currently living with this form of the disease. 

Make 2nds Count is a patient and family-focused charity dedicated to giving hope to women and men living with secondary breast cancer. Their mission is to fund secondary breast cancer research that contributes to advancing an increased quality of life for patients; establish a community that supports and educates patients and families affected by secondary breast cancer; inform and facilitate access to patient trials and to increase overall awareness of secondary breast cancer.    

For more information or support visit www.make2ndscount.co.uk/

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