Wirral Labour leader slams asylum seeker ship plan as inhumane

Wirral’s Labour leader has condemned plans to house as many as 1800 asylum seekers on a ship moored at Seacombe docks as inhumane and unworkable.

Cllr Janette Williamson has blasted the Government’s latest plans to house asylum seekers on the Mersey.

Cllr Williamson said, “This is an ill-thought out plan by an incompetent government who have no idea on how to tackle the problem.

“It is not acceptable to maroon up to 1800 vulnerable people on a ship without sufficient infrastructure nor budget to support them, and expect them to remain there until their claims are processed – which, if recent government performance is anything to by, could take years.

“There has been no consultation with the community, or with me as Leader of the Council. The Immigration Minister couldn’t even be bothered to pick up the phone to talk it through. This is how little regard the Tories have for the people of Merseyside, let alone the people who’ll be on that ship. 

“This government has stripped our public services of funding to the point that many Wirral residents can’t get an NHS dentist, or a timely appointment to see a doctor. Mental health services are in crisis. There is simply not the infrastructure to support this vessel being moored here. Furthermore, and as importantly, the welfare of the 1800 males has not been considered. These are vulnerable people who do not deserve to be imprisoned on a ship for nearly two years.”

Labour deputy leader and Seacombe councillor Paul Stuart added, “It is grotesque that the UK conservative government is planning to place 1800 young men on a boat docked up in one of the most deprived parts of Wirral. 

“Given the statement provided by Peel Ports, they have seemingly been in discussions with the government about this proposal before the government informed us about what is effectively a floating prison here. 

“Our residents are kind, caring and sympathetic to the plight of these vulnerable people. However, they are already struggling to obtain essential services they need because of the incompetence of this government. Adding an additional 1800 people in an already densely populated area will add more pressure on already decimated local services. 

“The government and Peel Ports need to rethink this inhumane and inappropriate proposal.”


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