Wirral is beautiful, so let’s keep it that way

A Prenton man’s post about litter on social media elicited a huge response from Wirral residents.

Andy Bennett who lives in Prenton visited the Wirral coast at Leasowe and was amazed at the amount of litter and rubbish left by previous visitors.

He said, “A plea…if you’re heading off to the beach today (it’s an awesome day for it, hot out there already) do everyone a favour and pop your rubbish in the bin or take it home with you.

“We’re classier on the Wirral than the display I saw this morning at Leasowe, bottles, boxes, chairs, BBQs, a bluetooth speaker?!?!

“We’re lucky to have the beaches so close to us, let’s look out for each other and keep them looking good for the next person that visits.”

Wirral Council has put out extra bins in the busiest places – with extra facilities and more regular collections in New Brighton and West Kirby.

The sight that greeted Andy on his morning walk at Leasowe.

New Brighton Labour councillor Tony Jones said earlier this year, “It’s great for us to see so many people enjoying themselves in New Brighton.

“After a hard year for so many people … it’s understandable people want to have a good time – and the vast majority are being very responsible.

“But extra people bring extra rubbish, so the council has done a great job of making sure there are extra bins where we need them most – and now we’d ask people to make sure they use them.”

In addition to the overwhelmed council litter pickers, there are a lot of community groups and individuals who take responsibility for the rubbish that others have left behind. Yesterday, the council praised the groups and individuals saying, “we are lucky in Wirral to be blessed with armies of them; people of all ages and from all walks of life, enthusiastic to play their part.”

A council spokesperson said, “The council, of course, has overall responsibility for public waste bins and street cleansing and these services are carried out on their behalf by a combination of in-house staff and contractors.

“But keeping on top of the volume of waste and litter that is left behind, particularly in areas that attract lots of visitors, is an increasingly difficult task for a service with limited resources.”

Labour Cllr Liz Grey, Chair of the Environment and Climate Emergency Committee, said, “Ideally, everyone would take care of any waste they create while out and about by putting it in the nearest bin. Or, if the nearest bin is full, finding the next one with space.”

Cllr Grey continued, “Or, if they are all full, taking it home with them and putting in their domestic waste.” in a sentiment echoed by many of those commenting on Mr Bennet’s social media post, as can be seen below:

Awful If the bin is full take it home! You carried it there in the first place. This really winds me up can’t stand litter bugs – just lazy!

It’s not difficult to respect our beaches, parks or any of our areas here on the Wirral. Enjoy, not trash your place you use and be proud and grateful for it.

We saw so many people come off the beach last night with their bags of rubbish (brilliant) and then dump it next to the bin and walk to their car 🤯 …. Take it home !!!!! You brought it with you, take it back with you .. simple !

Please pick up your litter, if there isn’t a bin, then take it home and dispose of it! We all need to be responsible in leaving the environment we share with others, clean and tidy. We are so lucky to have such beautiful scenery here on The Wirral, let’s keep it looking great for everyone’s enjoyment.

People take food and drink in carrier bags, put your empties back in the bags and take home with you. Simple.

It’s disgusting the mess some leave including the other week raw chicken and plastic plates. As for the amount of smashed glass that’s getting worse. No consideration for others or animal welfare.

I went to the beach on Tuesday and seen two lovely young ladies with their family walk from one end of the beach to the other with two bags each picking up everyone else’s rubbish. As nice as that was they shouldn’t have to do that. Really good job these people exist to look after our towns when people can’t be bothered to take their own rubbish with them.

Every morning this week area around Thurstaston visitor centre and along beach is littered with peoples rubbish – rubbish left on picnic tables and scattered on ground – different rubbish every day and loads of bins around in full view from picnic benches – I just don’t get it !!!

And finally, one commenter offered these simple words of advise:

Disgusting, plain and simple. If the bins are full then take your rubbish home.

There are many volunteer litter picking groups on Wirral, in addition to those who collect litter on an individual basis. For example, there is the Wirral Wombles group which has recently spawned a Liverpool Wombles group and The New Brighteners . If you would like to get involved with any of these groups, please join their Facebook groups for more information.

All images courtesy of Andy Bennett

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