Wirral girl wins British judo title

A 13-year-old Wirral girl has added the British judo title to the English title she won in London and the Welsh title she won in Cardiff earlier this year.

Amber Donaghy started judo aged just five, having first tasted the sport as part of her PE lessons at Thingwall Primary School, a fact that Headteacher Mrs Evans takes great delight in reminding her dad whenever she wins a competition.

The British Championships is the flagship domestic competition on the judo calendar, with previous winners going on to represent GB at European, World, Commonwealth and Olympic level. It is the most fiercely contested event which attracts the cream of British judo talent.

Amber has been in the sport for eight years, training at Wirral Judo Club in Birkenhead along with weekly sessions at the British Judo Centre of Excellence in Walsall as part of the England talent development programme.

Amber has been a successful judoka for a number of years but has really come on in the last year or two, along with the British title she also holds the English title and the Welsh title.

The dedication she shows to her sport is commendable, training for nine hours per week as well as attending the local gym for strength and conditioning.

Amber’s dad, Mark Donaghy, said, “To say we’re proud as parents is an obvious understatement, I’m not eloquent enough to convey how we feel.”

Amber says that this title (along with the English & Welsh) is the culmination of eight years hard work and sacrifice and will hopefully be a springboard to bigger and better things within the sport in years to come.

She would also like to convey the mantra she uses in relation to her training mindset; “It’s not about being the best person in the room, it’s about being the best version of you that you can be, and always strive to be better today than you were yesterday”

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