Wirral councillor expelled by Labour Party

Bromborough Councillor, Jo Bird, has been expelled by the Labour Party.

She said that the action had been taken against her for speaking at a Labour Against the Witchhunt (LAW) event in 2018 and for signing a petition in 2020.

LAW is a group formed in late 2017 to campaign against what it regards as politically motivated allegations of antisemitism in the UK Labour Party, which it calls a “witchhunt”. It also campaigns against what it regards as unfair disciplinary action taken by the Labour Party against its members, particularly in relation to such allegations of antisemitism.

Councillor Jo Bird, who is Jewish said, “I’m delighted to say that the Labour Party have expelled me.

“They say it’s for speaking at a meeting and signing a petition – organised by Labour Against the Witchhunt, which was banned by the Labour Party only 4 months ago.”

The Wirral Councillor went on to say that “Jewish people like me are 31 times more likely to be investigated for talking about the racism we face.”

“I’m free from fear of disciplinary action for exercising my human rights to freedom of expression and freedom of association – to speak and meet with other people.”

Labour confirmed Ms Bird’s expulsion on Friday.

In a statement addressing her ward constituents issued on Facebook, she clarified that she would continue to represent them as an Independent councillor.

The statement read, “The Labour Party have expelled me. But I am still a councillor for New Ferry, Port Sunlight and Bromborough. 2,248 people re-elected me last May for four years – with 61% of votes.

“It’s an honour to be elected to represent this fantastic community. I will continue to WORK FOR YOU as your local independent Councillor.

“I was elected to promote justice and equality, protect lives and livelihoods, enhance jobs, services and our environment, and oppose cruel cuts. My values and work for you have not changed. The Labour Party has changed and expelled me.

“I am delighted to be free from its hostile environment.”

The Labour party has not responded to Ms Bird’s comments.

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