Wirral Council statement: Flooding, September 9-10

Wirral Council’s Highways and Out of Hour Services dealt with a large number of calls yesterday afternoon and into the evening responding to reports of flooding to roads and properties across the borough.  

Today the focus for the service is to continue with the clean-up operations and deal with the excess rainwater to help area drainage systems.  We are working with partners and contractors throughout this operation.

In some places the intensity and volume of rain was sufficient to overwhelm the area drainage systems serving highways. Early analysis indicates that the rainfall yesterday for Wirral was most severe at locations around Bromborough, Bebington and Birkenhead which received two intense events at 14:00 and 17:00. Heswall was also impacted. Residents were also assisted, and some roads were temporarily closed to allow the rainwater to drain away. 

The council is also working closely with water companies (United Utilities and Welsh Water) who operate the sewer and drainage networks in Wirral to check and clear drainage systems so that they can work at their capacity again.

The forecast today is similar to yesterday and therefore anticipate we may experience localised flooding in parts of the borough. We will again have crews and equipment out responding.

You can get advice and reporting flooding incidents via the council website: https://www.wirral.gov.uk/communities-and-neighbourhoods/emergencies/flooding

You can read our report on yesterday’s flooding, including images from around the borough.

Also, you can read about why flash floods occur in our follow-up piece.

Image credit: Victoria Demirer, image of Kings Lane, Bebington – Lorraine Carter, Image of Highgreen Road, Tranmere

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