Wirral Council plan to purchase rental homes for those most in need

Wirral Council is one-step closer to buying a number of new-build homes which it plans to develop into rental properties for residents most in need of housing.

Following the unanimous agreement at the Housing Committee on Wednesday 10 March,the purchase of the units at the Sevenoaks site in Rock Ferry will help the council provide more housing, as well as the need for more social housing and housing with specialist adaptations.

Cllr Julie McManus, Chair of the Housing Committee at Wirral Council, said: “Over the last year, we have all really learnt the value of our homes and now even more so it is so important that the most vulnerable of our community have access to a home when they need it the most. 

“Through the purchase of these homes, the council will be able to respond to Wirral’s need for support by offering affordable houses, including ones to suit specialist requirements.”

All six homes will be built in partnership with the developer for this site, Lovell, and will be used to support vulnerable residents and those who need them the most.

The purchase of these units will be a pilot for the council, and if beneficial to the community and the borough’s most vulnerable, a similar approach could be adopted in the future.

As well as being suitable for residents who need specialist adaptions, the new build homes will also be built for the greener future of the borough.

Each of the housing units will be designed to produce 20% less CO2 emissions helping to meet the borough’s target, set out in the council endorsed Cool 2 Climate Strategy, to make sure all homes (that can be) are operating or improved to operate at an Energy Performance Certificate of Band C or above by around 2030.

The decision to purchase the housing units in Rock Ferry will be taken to the Policy and Resources Committee for final review.