Wirral Council leader calls extraordinary Policy and Resources Committee to help residents through the cost of living emergency

The leader of Wirral Council has called an extraordinary meeting to help respond to the cost of living crisis.

Labour leader Cllr Janette Williamson has previously written to the Chancellor to declare a cost of living emergency and request urgent funding to avoid increasing council tax next year.

He has not yet responded, so she has now called a meeting of the council’s Policy & Resources committee on Wednesday 31 August to try to find ways to help residents through the crisis.

Cllr Williamson said, “People are facing electricity, gas, food and fuel prices going up. Every day I speak to residents who are struggling to make ends meet, and they fear that it will only get worse. We are facing a growing cost of living emergency, and Government support just hasn’t been enough.”

The Labour group in Wirral has been working hard to help those struggling across the borough.

“In our budget, we voted to turn down the heating in council buildings and put the £113,000 saved into a ringfenced pot to help our most vulnerable residents as energy prices began to soar.

“We have ensured that the poorest households receive help with their Council Tax bills by putting nearly £1m into our annual budget and over the summer, we have been distributing money to feed children over the holidays. But it is simply not enough.

“Rocketing food prices mean that the weekly shop is becoming unaffordable, and parents are having to miss meals to make sure their children are fed. Pensioners making a choice between whether they can eat or have heat.

“There is a huge amount of uncertainty as the energy price cap is set to go up, increased interest rates are affecting mortgages and rents and food costs are rocketing.

She added, “Times are tough all round. It is only right that we meet to try to find ways to help residents who are struggling during this economic crisis.”

Image: Tara Clark

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