Wirral Coastguard warning to visitors at Thurstaston beach

Wirral Coastguard has been today made aware of people getting stuck in the mud at the base of the cliffs on Thurstaston beach.

Luckily, the people were able to release themselves before the need to call 999.

Wirral Coastguard explained that this occurred due to the incoming tide pushing members of the public towards the base of the cliffs.

This follows a serious incident 2 weeks ago involving people getting stuck in the mud at Thurstaston.

Wirral Coastguard strongly advises avoiding walking anywhere near the base of the cliffs at Thurstaston, particularly when the tide is coming in.
The team stated that the mud at the base of the cliffs is treacherous and can easily trap you if you step into it.

Further, Wirral Coastguard tells visitors to avoid the area at all costs but if you do find yourself getting stuck in the mud, they have the following advice

  • Stay calm
  • Avoid moving too much
  • Spread your weight by sitting down, this will stop you sinking further
  • Discourage people from trying to rescue you as they may get stuck too
  • Call 999 immediately and ask for the Coastguard

Recently, Wirral Council warned that there had been a further collapse of the Dee Cliffs at Thurstaston. “The cliffs here are naturally unstable and visitors should be aware that a collapse can occur at any time.”, the statement said.

Michael Buratti, Station Officer for Wirral Coastguard Rescue Team said, “The mud at the base of Thurstaston cliffs is deep and treacherous and should be avoided at all costs.

“The cliffs at Thurstaston can be prone to collapse which in itself is dangerous for anyone at the base of the cliffs. The addition of the mud means this is an extremely hazardous area.

“People should stay well away from the cliffs and avoid the beach on an incoming tide as the tide may push people towards the base of the cliffs.”