Wirral Children’s Services no longer in government intervention

A letter from the Department for Education (DfE) has praised the “strong and committed” leadership of Wirral Council; signalling the end of 15 months’ government supervision to help improve its Children’s Services department.

The letter notes that the department has continued to strengthen its services during the intervention period, with support from the DfE, and references its “clear vision for delivering high-quality services”.

While the formal supervision has now ended, the council’s Children’s Services department will continue to work closely with the DfE’s Children’s Social Care team in the North West.

Councillor Janette Williamson, Leader of Wirral Council, said, “I am so pleased to receive this letter – it means so much to the council, and of course to our Children’s Services team.

“The work won’t stop here. We must now maintain the momentum and confidence gained over the last 15 months, with one shared aim: to give children and families the support they deserve for a brighter future. I hope to see the improvement journey result in a ‘Good’ rating at our next Ofsted inspection.

“We’ve had a lot of support to get to this point. I’d like to thank everyone involved for their dedication and hard work – including former Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and current Vice Chair of Children, Young People and Education Committee Councillor Tom Usher.”

Chair of Wirral’s Children, Young People and Education Committee, Councillor Wendy Clements, said, “This is brilliant news for both families and the Children’s Services team. The dedication of the staff is clear, and I’m confident that the improvements made will help to change the lives of children and young people for the better. This is no less than our children and families deserve.”

Wirral Council’s Children’s Services department was put into government intervention following Ofsted’s July 2019 inspection into children’s social care services in the borough, which rated services as “requiring improvement”.