Wirral-based accounting firm extends Junior Accountant Training Programme

Wirral-based online accounting service The Accountancy Partnership is preparing to extend its Junior Accountant Training Programme with another intake planned for September.

The firm is keen to provide jobs and opportunities in the local area and has designed the course to improve access to the sector.

Delivered by an in-house training team made up of Senior Accountants, the programme introduces brand-new trainees to the world of accounting through fast-track immersive training.

Lauren Harvey, Assistant Accounts Manager, explains, “We created the course to find and train the next generation of accountants, regardless of their background or experience.

“In most accountancy practices, juniors start with some knowledge of accounting, and they won’t have any contact with clients because this happens at partner level.

“Here at The Accountancy Partnership, our trainees can come to us straight from education or a totally different role, and go on to get this experience much sooner in their accounting career, working with their own portfolio of clients.

“Nobody does this on the first day though! The course starts with classroom-based training, introducing the company’s processes and the basics of how accounting works. It’s very interactive, and each trainee goes on to work with their mentor so they can progress at their own pace – everyone’s different.

“For many trainees on the programme, this is their first taste of working in accounting, so we need to make sure we create a good solid foundation of knowledge and experience to build on.”

Charlotte Hughes is currently training as a Junior Accountant on the course. She said, “What I was doing before was completely different because I was a home carer, doing palliative care.

“It was quite intense, but it kind of taught me to be a very resilient and strong-minded, and those are good skills to take anywhere.”

Fellow trainee Ben Warren agrees, having previously worked as a chef. He said, “There was lots of training in the first few weeks, which was really good because my background is so different. I’ve gone from knowing absolutely nothing about accounting at all, through to learning the basics, and now being able to work on bookkeeping for clients.

“The training team mix it up, giving us presentations, different activities, quizzes, and tests. As we got further into the course, we were given activities to do at our own pace, and then we get lots of feedback on those.

“It felt like we really learnt a lot in a short amount of time, but I think it speaks for the quality of the training that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. It is a bit nerve-wracking when it’s all so brand new, but I quickly realised that all the trainers are so keen to help that you don’t need to be nervous at all.”

Kevin Markham, who started on an earlier intake of the course after spending 22 years in the RAF, said, “People couldn’t believe that I was going into an office job and working in accountancy.

“My normal routine is a bit different now! In amongst secondary duties like feeding the office fish, I have my own assigned clients. They’ll ring directly for consultations, and I’ve been working on accounts with my mentor, Dean.

“There’s definitely a sense of achievement when everything is to his satisfaction!”

As part of their commitment to staff development, The Accountancy Partnership also pay for the accounting qualifications trainees wish to pursue, and provide exam and study leave.

Staff also benefit from frequent progression opportunities to Semi-Senior and Senior level with their own portfolio of clients, a generous bonus structure, and a flexible and friendly working environment.

The next intake will start in September, and trainees don’t need to be studying or have any previous accounting qualifications. To find out more, you can download the recruitment pack and apply here

Image: The Accountancy Partnership Junior Accountant training programme, July 2023

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