Wirral bakery sets 2040 net zero target

Wirral-headquartered Baker & Baker has Baker has made a commitment to tackle its greenhouse gas emissions by setting a target year of 2040 to achieve net zero.

The Bromborough bakery, which employs 550 people at its headquarters on Stadium Road, has also set an interim target of a 42% reduction in industrial emissions and 27% in agricultural emissions by 2030.

Baker & Baker has already undertaken a detailed carbon footprint exercise for its European Group activities, and has defined its baseline carbon emissions for the year 2021.

The business is currently mapping progress against this baseline year to calculate its emissions for 2022. As a food manufacturer, more than 95% of Baker & Baker’s total emissions are indirect and fall within scope three, and are largely attributable to its ingredients portfolio.

This is in line with the majority of large bakery businesses, and the long-term challenge will be how to effectively decarbonise the ingredients supply chain.

Baker & Baker will also be validating its net zero target with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) later this year, ensuring that the business’s net zero roadmap is credible whilst aligning Baker & Baker’s target with industry best practice and climate science.

Updates on Baker & Baker’s progress and decarbonisation initiatives will be published regularly by the business.

John Lindsay, Baker & Baker CEO (pictured), commented, “Setting a net zero target is a significant milestone for Baker & Baker.

“Our net zero target of 2040 is line with many of our customers’ commitments as well as the Food & Drink Federation (FDF), and demonstrates our ambition to decarbonise our business operations whilst contributing positively towards tackling the climate emergency.”

Baker & Baker is one the UK’s leading sweet bakery manufacturers. The business supplies a range of doughnuts, muffins, brownies, cookies and cakes to customers in the retail, food service, wholesale and artisan bakery sectors. The business employs around 1350 people in the UK across four sites, with 550 people based at Baker & Baker’s Wirral site.

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