Wirral animal lover urges others to volunteer for Humanimal Trust

An animal lover from Wirral has urged people to join a charity that seeks to close the divide between human and animal medicine.

Humanimal Trust, a charity founded by orthopaedic-neuro veterinary surgeon, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick – otherwise known as The Supervet – has launched a campaign to recruit volunteers to help in lots of different ways, from supporting at events and giving talks in the community to organising local fundraisers and sharing their expertise.    

Sarah Horner, 49, has been a Humanimal Trust volunteer since 2019. She said, “My background is in human nursing but I have a long history in animal welfare and rescue, so both humans and animals are of equal importance to me. Being part of a charity that is dedicated to ensuring a fairer deal for animals is so rewarding and inspiring.

“There are lots of opportunities to get involved. I am a Volunteer Ambassador Speaker and have had the pleasure of speaking to a wide variety of groups, introducing them to the concept of One Medicine. I also provide admin support to staff at the Trust and develop content for social media. 

“Everyone is so welcoming and committed. It is wonderful to meet and volunteer alongside people from variety of backgrounds, united by our drive to see animals and humans benefiting equally from medical advances.”

Jo Blake, Development Manager at Humanimal Trust, said, “Sadly, we share so many health issues with animals, including cancer, arthritis, obesity and some infectious diseases. It makes perfect sense that we should all work together to tackle these global health conditions so that people and animals can benefit equally from medical progress, but not at the expense of an animal’s life – otherwise known as ‘One Medicine’.

“Since the Trust was set up, we have successfully established a much-needed online forum that allows human and animal health professionals to meet, collaborate, share knowledge and initiate research for the benefit of all humans and animals. 

“We have also funded One Medicine research in areas such as infection control and antibiotic resistance, cancer, bone and joint disease to help find new treatments. 

“But there is so much more to be done to help future generations of humans and animals, which is why we need the public’s help.”

To find out more about how to get involved, email info@humanimaltrust.org.uk  or call 01483 791725.

Image: (L-R) Humanimal Trust volunteers Katrina McNamara, Karen Tommy, Hollie Turner, and Sarah Horner.

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