Wirral actor in highly anticipated play ‘One Night’

The stage is set for a remarkable theatrical journey, as actor Christopher Lee-Power takes on the role of the General in the eagerly awaited production “One Night”.

Directed by the esteemed BAFTA awardee Christopher Swann, the play delves into the moving narrative of two officers tasked with selecting the Unknown soldier, whose remains were laid to rest at Westminster Abbey in 1920.

Lee-Power’s personal journey to success is a testament to resilience and passion. Diagnosed with hyperactivity, speech challenges, and coordination difficulties in his early years, Lee-Power defied the odds to embrace his calling.

“My mum and dad were entertainers in the 1980s, so I had been surrounded by music and the arts,” Lee-Power reflects. Overcoming his challenges, he embarked on a drama course at the age of 19, where he encountered mentor the late Ron Gittins, who became his guiding light.

Gittins not only refined Lee-Power’s acting skills but also enriched his understanding of history, nurturing a lifelong fascination.

Lee-Power’s enthusiasm for history finds a perfect outlet in “One Night.” His anticipation for the role of the General is palpable: “I’ve always been interested in history, from Tudors to World War I. What happened in those trenches was horrific.”

Lee-Power’s dedication to the craft shines through as he reveals, “When I was cast as the General, I was excited. I’ve spent months preparing for the role, and having a brilliant acting coach like Derek Barr has been wonderful.”

Lee-Power’s career spans film, television, and theatre, with credits encompassing renowned platforms such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, and Amazon Prime. Lee-Power’s talent shines particularly bright in his portrayal of Shakespearean characters, ranging from the iconic Macbeth to the charismatic Mark Antony.

His versatility is further evident in contemporary roles, including performances in  films like ‘Gunpoint’ ‘Conspiracy’ and ‘The Last Exodus’

Lee-Power’s upcoming venture as Doctor Langford in the British film ‘The Hunt for Michael Myers’ exemplifies his ability to immerse himself in diverse characters.

Keep an eye open for Christopher’s local film and theatre projects.  While based in Merseyside, Christopher will be in Birmingham in the autumn. Audiences have the opportunity to witness a brilliant cast and their performance in “One Night” at St. Paul’s Church JQ, Birmingham, on 26, 27, and 28 October 2023.

Image: Christopher Lee-Power

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