West Kirby RNLI tasked to support refloating of vessel

West Kirby RNLI volunteer crew was requested by HM Coastguard to provide support last night to a casualty whose vessel had come adrift from its moorings.

The professional fishing vessel had broken free of its moorings at Thurstaston and was taken by the ebbing tide to the area adjacent to Middle Eye, where it settled upon high rocks this afternoon. The casualty alerted HM Coastguard to the incident and asked for assistance.

West Kirby RNLI Lifeboat launched at 7.45pm on West Kirby beach. The volunteer crew secured a line to the casualty vessel and waited for high water, after which the vessel was floated off and towed to deeper water. The volunteer crew had provided support for the casualty, during the refloating of the vessel, due to the precarious nature of the rocky location and the time of high tide.

Members of the volunteer crew of West Kirby RNLI accompanied the casualty onboard the vessel as it was being returned to Thurstaston beach. The vessel was bailed out during transit as some water was being taken onboard. The casualty thanked the crew for their support and was safely returned to shore.

Speaking following the call out, Richard Diamond, West Kirby RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager said, “The casualty made the correct decision when he called 999 and asked for the Coastguard as his vessel was in an increasingly vulnerable position due to resting on high rocks.

“The volunteer crew provided support so as to avoid any unnecessary accident from occurring. HM Coastguard and West Kirby RNLI Lifeboat worked closely together to ensure the safest outcome for the casualty while preventing any further risk.”

Image credit: RNLI/West Kirby

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