West Kirby RNLI called out for 77-year-old man who fell overboard

West Kirby Lifeboat was today tasked for a 77-year-old man who had fallen off a boat into the sea.

He was clinging on to the ladder, but due to the strong current, couldn’t haul himself back on board. West Kirby Lifeboat Crew were paged and launched in under 5 minutes.

The rescue team reached the casualty and had him safely onboard the Lifeboat 4 minutes later. The man required first aid following being in the sea for more than 15 minutes.

Following further assessment, the man was transferred to the care of North West Ambulance Service and HMCG Rescue Teams whilst WKLB relaunched to assist the owner of the boat.

A spokesperson for West Kirby RNLI said, “Whilst it is a sunny day, current sea temperatures in the river are 8°C. Exhaustion times in moving water are significantly less than 30 minutes for an average person at this temperature.”

West Kirby RNLI expressed their thanks to West Kirby Sailing Club staff for assisting with the Casualty.

Image credit: RNLI/Dave Edwards

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