West Kirby pupils sow wildflower meadow at Marine Lake Health and Wellbeing Centre

On Wednesday 21 June, pupils from West Kirby Primary School helped to sow a wildflower meadow at Marine Lake and Wellbeing Centre to complement the surrounding area and attract pollinating insects, especially bumblebees and other wildlife.

Working with W J Wilkinson & Sons (Landscaping) Ltd, 45 pupils and teaching staff from West Kirby Primary School, joined forces with local people to plant wildflower seeds in the prepared grassed area adjacent to the centre.

The children got involved with sowing wildflower seeds whilst learning about the benefits that the meadow will bring to the local environment. As well as enhancing the environment, it also adds a splash of colour to the area.

After sowing the seeds the children enjoyed spending time in the centre’s BeeWell Together Garden before heading back to school. They explored the garden, including the habitat log pile for insect biodiversity and other bee-friendly planted areas.

The BeeWell Together Garden has been designed around the five ways to wellbeing, which are to: connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give.

It features a range of plants and vegetable trugs for local people to grow their own, as well as a Solardome, a unique and multiple use space that can be used to enjoy quiet time, catch up with friends or as an outdoor classroom for local primary school pupils.

Karen Howell, Chief Executive (WCHC), said, “It was wonderful to see the pupils from West Kirby Primary School come together to help create a wildflower meadow at our new health centre.

“Over the years wildflower meadows have declined due to numerous environmental changes. Working with our partners in this way is a fantastic opportunity to give back to the community and help create a relaxing and picturesque spot for everyone to enjoy.”

Holly Catt, EYFS Lead Teacher, said, “Pupils enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon and working as part of a team whilst learning about nature and the environment. The wildflower meadow is an educational resource and something for the entire community to enjoy.

“Our school is looking forward to regularly visiting the BeeWell Together Garden in the future and working in partnership with the team at Marine Lake Health and Wellbeing Centre.”

Image: Wirral Community Health and Care NHS Foundation Trust

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