‘We will not be euthanising 50 dogs’ says rescue losing its home

A Wirral animal rescue that is losing its home in just over three weeks has insisted that it will not be euthanising any of its 50 dogs.

Celandine Wood Animal Rescue (CWAR) learnt that it must vacate its shelter premises last week and find a new home for its animals.

The rescue said it received messages of concern from people after a local Instagram user with a “sizable” following suggested the dogs would be destroyed.

The post said:, “OMG guys over 50 dogs need a home or they will be put to sleep. All so cute.” The woman then urged anyone wanting a dog to contact CWAR.

The rescue has launched a fundraising appeal to raise £500,000 to set up a new shelter by 14 June when it must vacate.

Founder, vet Dr Sharon Williams, said, “The person who posted this clearly had her heart in the right place and wanted to urge people to save our dogs which we really appreciate.

“We just want to clarify that my ethos as a vet, and now of our newly-formed rescue, is that we never, ever will put a healthy dog down.

“Thankfully, it was an Instagram story which has disappeared, but we just wanted to make our stance clear.

“The Celandine team are working round the clock to find a solution to us losing our home. We’re hoping to find foster or adoption homes for our most rehomable dogs. But there are a number of dogs with behavioural issues that are not yet ready for rehoming.

“We desperately need money for a new place for them and to have kennels for more animals coming in.”

CWAR, which also takes in cats and wildlife and is run entirely by volunteers, had been allowed to use its current premises since last November by a kind-hearted landowner, but now the land is being sold.

Rescuers have been frantically trying to fundraise and organise new premises – and they are urging the community to back them.

At any one time, CWAR has 50 to 80 dogs, 40 cats and 40 wildlife that are housed in its centre or with foster carers.

“We desperately need donations and people to organise fundraising activities with their friends, family or colleagues,” said Dr Williams.

“We would love for local businesses to support us – please organise a fundraiser with your staff or customers. And please get in touch about sponsorship opportunities.”

CWAR plans to built a permanent facility that will quadruple rescue spaces.

Dr Williams has always taken home animals that are brought in to her to be needlessly put down. The rescue was officially set up a year ago to cope with the surge in abandonment cases due to the fallout from the pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis and the XL bully ban.

“There is a daily deluge of animals being abandoned in Merseyside and nationally,” said Dr Williams. “It breaks our heart that we can’t help them all. Our goal is to grow the rescue to be in a position where we never turn away an animal in need.”

Anyone wanting to donate can visit CWAR’s GoFundMe, while those wanting to apply to adopt or foster a dog or cat can visit their website

Image: Some of the nine abandoned staffy pups that were taken in by Celandine

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