Wallasey firm plays part in tackling climate change

A Wirral business doing their bit to fight climate change. Not only do they recondition and recycle second-hand commercial kitchen equipment, they’re taking part in a new scheme to identify and reduce carbon emissions.

Manager Ziggy Mortazavi, who established Master Grill, based in Wallasey, 23 years ago, said, “We observed very early on that good quality equipment which was no longer needed by businesses or organisations often went to scrap. Apart from adding to the landfill problem it also meant that equipment which was capable of being reused was just wasted.

“When we get equipment which is not capable of being used again, we strip it down and keep any spare parts which may be useable for our customers.

“A good example of this came recently when we visited a school in Liverpool, which had an oven which was faulty. It needed a part that manufacturers told us was obsolete, but fortunately, we had one on our shelves from a reclaimed oven. If they had to replace their oven it would have cost £10,000.”

Recently Master Grill worked with Liverpool John Moores University to calculate their carbon savings. Taking into account factors such as distance travelled to collect equipment, carbon savings from manufacturing and landfill avoidance, they calculated that Master Grill saved a massive 20 tonnes of CO2 due to their sustainable business model. 

Ziggy Mortazavi said, “It’s a real eye-opener. Simply put, by refurbishing and reclaiming one medium and one large item of equipment, Master Grill saves the amount of carbon you’d use driving 2,900 miles in an average petrol car. That’s the equivalent of planting two trees!

“Carbon reduction is great news for Master Grill’s customers and great news for the planet too.

“Our customers appreciate it, because we can confidently demonstrate to them the amount of carbon they have saved by purchasing our equipment.

“We hope that working in partnership with other organisations and local businesses we will be able to inspire others to work towards the global goal of reducing CO2 emissions and reducing our carbon footprint.”

Master Grill is just one of many local businesses that are contributing to Wirral’s Cool climate action to reach ‘net zero’ emissions for Wirral no later than 2041.

To see if your business is eligible for low-carbon support, visit the Low Carbon Eco-Innovatory website

5 ways your business can go green

1. Reduce use of single-use plastics. Encourage the use of reusable water bottles and food storage containers. Get more tips ahead of Plastic Free July

2. Getting accredited with the Carbon Literacy Project  is a great way to prove to your customers that you’re doing your bit to help tackle climate change.

3. Switch to LED bulbs. They use less energy, last much longer and reduce maintenance costs compared to conventional lighting, saving you up to 80% for your business.

4. View Wirral’s Climate Strategy, Cool 2 and create your own action plan to help meet its goals.

5. You may be able to access financial support to help your business go green at the following websites:


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