Visitors to beauty spots urged to take litter home this Easter weekend

Visitors to Wirral beauty spots are being urged to take their litter home after some of the borough’s most popular beaches and parks were left covered in rubbish, with waste left behind.

People are also being reminded that Public Spaces Protection Orders are in effect at West Kirby beach, Caldy beach and Cubbins Green and at New Brighton, while many national restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic also remain in place.

The PSPOs were brought in last September for two years and follow significant numbers of complaints about anti social behaviour in these locations.

The PSPOs will help authorities tackle groups acting in an intimidating manner, alcohol misuse, littering, use of nitrous oxide, urination/defecation in public areas and alcohol related disorder, including criminal damage and violence offences. 

In the meantime as visitors numbers rise, and in line with last year’s arrangements, Wirral Council will be putting in place additional bins and increasing frequency of emptying them, but the huge numbers of people using these areas can mean at time that even significant extra capacity is not always enough.

A spokesperson for the council said: “The warm weather and the lifting of the stay at home order has already seen a huge increase in the numbers of people visiting beaches, parks and other beauty spots.

“We are working hard to ensure these areas remain beautiful for visitors but it is vital that people going to them also play their part, and don’t leave their litter. If a bin is full please find another or bag it and take it home.

“The anti-social behaviour we have been seeing return to these areas is a nuisance and annoyance to members of the public who visit and live in these areas. 

“The use of the PSPOs is our best chance at giving the police and other agencies responsible for community safety the powers to take immediate and robust action to tackle problems of anti-social behaviour.

“The PSPOs help to protect local communities and ensure that these popular spots can be enjoyed by everyone.” 

For full details of the conditions of the PSPOs, visit

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