Video shows dramatic car fire on M53

At 10:38 this morning, Charlotte Prior captured this dramatic footage of a car fire on the M53.

David Prior said that there were four people on the hard shoulder, but he wasn’t sure they were all occupants of the blazing car and may have been from a car that had stopped to help.

As the video shows, the car was fully ablaze, with a large plume of thick smoke billowing out of it.

The car’s driver was Anthony Jones, from Moreton. He was travelling to a pre-booked MOT appointment in New Ferry and he said, “It was my lovely car and it got me around! Luckily, I got out just in time!”

Anthony told, “I was about to come off at Clatterbridge junction. People were beeping so I pulled over and luckily I got out and when I saw the flames from the back I retreated away then it blew up! Police and fire attended and put out the flames.”
Video credit: Charlotte Prior

The car was identified as a smart car and the incident happened on the southbound carriageway of the M53 between Wallasey and Chester, near the Junction 4 turnoff that leads to Clatterbridge, Spital and Bebington.

Anthony Jones’ Smartcar after the emergency services had put the fire out.
Image credit Anthony Jones

Charlotte Prior, from Greasby, who shot the video said: “We saw the smoke from a distance and drove past it just as the car was fully ablaze. It was shocking to see but thankfully the passengers had managed to escape.”