Two Merseyside Police officers nominated for National Police Bravery Award

Two Merseyside Police officers have been nominated for a National Police Bravery Award after they successfully disarmed a man who was threatening them with a gun.   

PC Mark Field and PC Kirsty John were patrolling their patch in St Helens in November 2019 when a man called emergency services to say he had a gun on Parr Stocks Road, was suicidal and threatening to shoot people. 

As the two officers arrived at the scene, they were confronted by the offender who was pointing a firearm at them through the windscreen of their patrol car. They had driven into a small car park and were trapped with no obvious escape route, and members of the public were standing nearby. 

Without hesitation and placing their own safety at risk, PC Field got out of the police car and, using techniques he had been trained to deploy, disarmed the suspect quickly and efficiently.  

The man was arrested for possessing a firearm/imitation firearm with intent to cause fear of violence and was subsequently jailed for 12 months. 

Tonight (Thursday 9 December), PC Mark Field will attend the National Police Bravery Awards in London where he and PC Kirsty John are nominated alongside officers from 43 Forces across the country. Kirsty was unable to make the journey.  

Along with other nominees, Mark is also attending a Downing Street reception this afternoon in recognition of his bravery.   

Speaking about his nomination, Constable Field said, “I am delighted and proud to be recognised for work which was all in the course of duty.  

“Kirsty and I had limited information to go on but were aware the offender had a firearm which had put members of the public at risk. We were trapped in the small car park as there were cars parked behind our vehicle, and the offender was blocking the front of the car. 

“I got out of the car and used my instinct to deal with him and protect other people’s safety, including my colleague Kirsty.  

“It was a priority that the offender’s mental health was assessed before being interviewed and later charged.” 

Con Field added, “It is an honour to be here so I don’t mind whatever the decision is tonight. Incidents like this occur all the time which officers have to deal with.

“But it is lovely to be recognised and have the opportunity to meet fellow officers across the country. I’m just enjoying the moment.” 

Mark and Kirsty were put forward for the nomination by their supervisor which was then submitted by Merseyside Police Federation.

Tony Fairclough, from Merseyside Police Federation, said, “The officers involved had limited, yet specific, information to inform their dynamic decision-making.  

“Without doubt, their prompt and decisive actions, putting the safety of the public ahead of their own, led to the effective resolution of a very difficult situation.  

“This goes to show the dangers officers can face as they go about their duties. We are very proud of Mark and Kirsty and they are very worthy nominees.” 

As well as being nominated for The National Bravery Award, both officers were awarded a Chief Constable’s Commendation in 2019.

Image: PC Mark Field at Downing Street reception today.

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