Two men guilty of murdering a man in Huyton

Two men have been found guilty of murdering a 26-year-old man in a residential street in Liverpool in broad daylight.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said that Reuben Murphy and Ben Doyle worked together to kill Patrick Boyle outside a house in Newway in Huyton on 1 July 2021.

Murphy, 26, of Huyton was the masked gunman who pulled the trigger on the semi-automatic pistol that fired two bullets into Patrick Boyle’s chest around 5.55pm.

Doyle, 24, also of Huyton, worked with Murphy to facilitate the killing and his home in Lyme Grove was where the attack was launched from.

Doyle was with Murphy in the build-up to the attack, assisting him beforehand, taking him to very close to the scene and regrouping with him in the aftermath. 

CCTV, mobile phone evidence, eyewitness accounts and scientific evidence showed the movements of Doyle and Murphy in the lead up to the shooting. 

DNA evidence and a casing from a bullet found outside the house in Newway were also crucial to the prosecution case.

Murphy had been seen to have an altercation with one of Patrick Boyle’s associates earlier in the day and had run off, pursued by a man on a bike.

Later in the day, Ben Doyle was seen coming out of his house on an electric bike with a package. He collected Murphy who jumped on the back of the bike.

At some point, Doyle got off but Murphy continued to Newway where he fatally shot Patrick Boyle.

Mr Boyle staggered to a house on the road and was taken by a friend to Whiston Hospital. His friend was spoken to by police officers at the hospital as it was clear that Mr Boyle has been seriously wounded. Doctors tried to save his life but he was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

Doyle and Murphy were later arrested and charged with joint enterprise murder. They denied the charges but today (9 May 2022) a jury at Liverpool Crown Court found them guilty.

A third man, Thomas Walker, 20, of the Tuebrook area of Liverpool, pleaded guilty to possession of ammunition. His DNA had been found on a bullet casing recovered at the scene of the shooting.

Senior Crown Prosecutor Maria Corr of CPS Mersey-Cheshire’s Complex Casework Unit, said, “The killing of Patrick Boyle was, in every sense, a public execution.

“The masked gunman who pumped two bullets into Mr Boyle’s chest in a deliberate and ruthless attack was Reuben Murphy. He showed his victim no mercy and Mr Boyle stood no chance.

“Reuben Murphy may have pulled the trigger but he was not alone in this enterprise. Ben Doyle was also complicit in this murder.

“We may never know exactly why Reuben Murphy and Ben Doyle felt it necessary to obtain a loaded firearm, transport it along a public street and carry out a lethal attack upon Patrick Boyle. That does not matter.

“The Crown Prosecution Service’s case was that they acted together and were jointly responsible for the death of this man. The jury have agreed with us and found them both guilty of murder.

“Our thoughts remain with the family and loved ones of Patrick Boyle at this difficult time.”

Image: (L) Ben Doyle, and (R) Reuben Murphy

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