Two brothers who deliberately hit man with car in Ellesmere Port jailed

Two brothers who deliberately hit a man with a car in Ellesmere Port have been jailed.

Kieran Cunnah, 30, of Mickle Trafford and Joe Cunnah, 23, of Liverpool appeared at Chester Crown Court on 25 August where they were both sentenced to 32 months imprisonment for their parts in the incident.

They both pleaded guilty to causing serious injury by dangerous driving while Kieran also pleaded guilty to two counts of criminal damage.

The pair were also handed a two-year driving disqualification and ordered to pay a surcharge of £190.

The court heard how the duo had been drinking at a pub in Ellesmere Port at 7pm on 29 May 2022 when Kieran became abusive and threatening towards the landlady. They were both asked to leave, which they did, in a Vauxhall Insignia with three women.

A short time later, the car was parked up outside a takeaway on Alnwick Drive. An argument ensued and witnesses reported Kieran proceeded to drag one of the girls out of the car by her hair before hitting her.

A passer-by attempted to intervene but Cunnah jumped on the bonnet of the man’s car and smashed the windscreen with his foot and damaged the wing mirror.

The brothers then drove back to the pub, with Kieran throwing a glass bottle which smashed one of the windows.

They ran away before returning once more and spoke with customers outside the pub.

After entering a disagreement with one of them, Kieran gave him a hug and apologised – however Joe returned behind the wheel and stopped the car in front of the man. Kieran got into the passenger seat and is reported to have said “2F**cking run him over.”

Joe turned the car towards the man and drove at him, striking his leg and throwing the man onto the bonnet, before hitting his head on the road.

Officers attended and the pair drove off shortly before dumping the car and running into a nearby housing estate, but were quickly apprehended.

The duo were arrested and subsequently charged with causing serious injury by dangerous driving. Kieran was also charged with two counts of criminal damage.

Detective Constable Rob Mackay, of Ellesmere Port CID, said, “The actions of the Cunnah brothers that night have tarnished the lives of those who had the misfortune of crossing their path on the evening of the 29 May.

“The victim of the collision sustained serious injuries and was in an induced coma as a result of the Cunnah’s mindless actions.

“The pair truly had no regard for anyone but themselves.

“Despite saying no comment to all questions posed to them, the evidence we put forward in this case left them no other option but to admit to what they had done.

“I hope this sentence allows their victims to, in some way, be able to move on with their lives knowing justice has been served.”

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