Tranmere Rovers in the Community weekly Dementia-friendly sessions

Today, Tuesday 21 September, marks an important date in World Alzheimer’s Month as World Alzheimer’s Day takes place. Tranmere Rovers in the Community continue to utilise their weekly Dementia-friendly afternoons to support those who are affected.

Tranmere Rovers in the Community’s weekly Dementia-friendly sessions are for people affected by Dementia, including those dealing with Dementia, their carers and anyone who could use the service for extra support.

The sessions run from 1.30pm – 3pm at the Tranmere Rovers Recreation Centre where free activities can be enjoyed! On a regular basis, the group attracts approximately 10-20 participants, granting those who join an opportunity to spend time with people who are facing similar situations.

Margie, who regularly joins the group, says the sessions have had an “enlightening effect” on her husband’s overall wellbeing, highlighting the importance of the work which those at Tranmere Rovers in the Community carry out – positively impacting the parts of the community they reach.

When asked why it is important that Tranmere run these sessions, Margie replied, stating that “there’s nothing else like it, it’s just a one-off” proving Tranmere are exceptional in their efforts to provide relief for underrepresented areas of society, that often require opportunity for respite.

It was noted the sessions are the perfect place to “just have a good laugh” while “Meeting people who know the situation and who are all in the same boat”

To summarise, when asked how good the team are that run the sessions, Margie replied concisely… ‘A*’

If you find that you or someone you know needs further support, Tranmere Rovers in the Community’s Dementia Friendly afternoon takes place 1:30pm – 3pm at the Tranmere Rovers recreation centre

For further information, please get in contact by email:

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