Tranmere Rovers donates clothing to Refugee Assist for refugees and asylum seekers in Wirral

Tranmere Rovers last week contributed more than 300 articles of clothing to Refugee Assist, a local organisation that provides assistance to refugees and asylum seekers who are establishing themselves in Wirral and nearby regions.

Established in 2021 to aid Afghan refugees, Refugee Assist has quickly expanded its services to include individuals from various parts of the world, including those affected by the Ukrainian conflict.

Chris Young, the founder of Refugee Assist, said, “We set up on 3 September 2021, initially just as a Facebook group to support Afghan refugees and asylum seekers who sought sanctuary in our local communities. 

“Since then we’ve become a registered CIC with seven directors supporting people from all over the world that have fled war and persecution including an Afghan family who we housed locally.  They’re wonderful and warm and had a normal everyday life back in their homeland, like many of us here.”

Through Tranmere Rovers’ strong links with Hammers Supporting Foodbanks, they were able to donate six boxes of clothing, comprising of hoodies, jumpers, t-shirts, and tracksuits, to Refugee Assist for further distribution to the individuals they assist.

Tranmere’s Senior Community Manager, Matt Houghton, said, “Thanks to our links with Hammers Supporting Foodbanks, we’re able to offer assistance to organisations like Refugee Assist who are directly supporting people fleeing war and other challenging situations. 

“As one of Wirral’s anchor institutions, we have a responsibility to offer support where possible to all members of our community regardless of whether they were born here or they have come to settle here.  We’re delighted to have been able to help out in getting these clothes to people in need.”

Chris dropped into Prenton Park last week to collect the clothes and said, “Tranmere’s donation of clothes will be a huge help for those who’ve arrived here with just the clothes on their backs, many after months of travelling in horrendous conditions.  Thank you to all at Tranmere Rovers for your help, to help those in need.”

Image: TRFC

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