Tranmere Rovers celebrate GroundsWeek 2022

The Grounds Management Association has announced the return of National GroundsWeek, which will be held from 28 February to 6 March 2022 and celebrates grounds managers, staff and volunteers across the UK.

Tranmere Rovers finds great pride in the pristine condition of our grounds, and this is made possible with the expertise and skills of their grounds staff.

Tranmere Rovers groundsman, Charlie, talks about the roles and responsibilities that are involved in taking care of Prenton Park and the training Campus and notes “We tend to work on a Match two to three days before” readying the pitch for optimal playing conditions.

“We’ll start with mowing and then we’re looking at recovery” Recovery is an important part of a busy playing period and is not overlooked at Prenton Park – keeping the grass in suitable condition for heavy wear and tear.

“Those periods, there’s lots of damage to the Pitch and we’re helping it come out stronger”

Working at two different sites, conditions and usage varies which requires different elements of care.

“The Campus pitches are getting used every day whereas here it’s sort of twice a week. Here we are struggling with shade as it’s a tighter environment – given the size of the Stadium”

“There at the Campus, we’re looking to be in recovery every single day”

“The First team love to play quick Football and they want the best surface they can play on – if the surfaces aren’t allowing that usage, that’s altering their way of playing” 

Image: TRFC

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