Traffic signs installed in Wirral to reduce driver speed

New electronic signs that alert road users when they are driving too fast have already contributed to a 16% drop in speeding.

Across the borough, 30 new vehicle-activated signs have been installed at speeding hotspots. The signs use radar technology to detect oncoming vehicles and warn drivers of any impending danger due to excessive speeds or unforeseen hazards.

By only illuminating when they detect a vehicle, the signs also avoid any wasted energy and can be powered off-grid or by renewable energy sources (where possible), helping to meet the council’s goal of achieving ‘net zero’ carbon emissions by 2030.

The new signs, installed by the council’s contractor TWM Traffic Group , will help to make roads across the region safer by encouraging road users to slow down and increase speed awareness.

Locations for the signs have been chosen based on known areas of speeding and since installation, the signs have seen up to 16% reduction in speed across some areas. 

Traffic signs have been installed in different styles depending on the location – with some illuminating with a ‘thank you’ or ‘slow down’ message depending on the speed detected. 

Images: TWM Traffic Group

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