Three arrests after large amount of cannabis found in house in Woodchurch

One woman and two men have been arrested after a large amount of cannabis was found inside a bedroom of a property in Woodchurch on Tuesday 13 December

At around 10.30pm officers searched an address on Carr Bridge Road and discovered a large amount of cannabis in the bedroom of the property, with heat lamps, tents, scales, burner phones and five black bin bags containing cropped cannabis plants.

One woman and two men aged 24, 31 and 25 from Woodchurch were arrested on suspicion of drug offences.

They were taken to a police station in Merseyside and have since been released under investigation.

Inspector Peter Rexwinkel said, “This was a significant amount of cannabis seized by our officers which will make neighbouring properties and the local community a safer place to live.

“The dangers posed by extracting electricity illegally in this manner poses a serious dangerous risk of fire and flooding to residents living nearby, especially when criminals overload plugs.

“If you spot any signs that cannabis is being grown near where you live and work please let us know so that we can continue to take action. Any information helps keep residents safe and the work we do, so make us aware and we will investigate.”

A video in which Matt Brown, head of the Cannabis Dismantling Team explains how you can spot signs of cannabis being grown near where you live

Some of the signs that cannabis is being grown are:

  • Strange smells and sounds
  • Frequent and varied visitors to a property, often at unusual times
  • Gardening equipment being taken into a property, such as plant pots, fertiliser, fans and industrial lighting
  • Windows are sealed and covered or the curtains are permanently closed
  • Heat from an adjoining property
  • Birds gathering on a roof in cold weather

Individually these activities may seem commonplace, however, together may indicate something more suspicious.

Anyone with information on suspected drug production or criminal activity in their community can contact @MerPolCC, call 101 or come forward anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Always call 999 if a crime is in progress.

Images: Merseyside Police

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