Theatre production to tour 70 streets in Anfield to celebrate Platinum Jubilee

To celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, marking her 70th year in service, Jubilee Folk, a new musical theatre production created by Rebecca Ross-Williams Creative Director at Liverpool Lighthouse and supported by Arts Council England and Culture Liverpool will be touring 70 streets in Anfield, North Liverpool.

Jubilee Folk are performing in streets, school playgrounds and care home gardens until 3 June. The performers are hoping to reach into the community and especially those who have sheltered during the COVID-19 pandemic, to bring communal joy and laughter and are set to perform to thousands of people.

The show involves three actors who play Ralph and Rodger, the Queens Guards, an acrobatic Chinese Lion Dance Troupe, China Spirit who play the Queen’s corgi called Muick, the Queen’s remaining Corgi’s name and her dog trainer Margarita.

Jubilee Folk tells the story of The Queen who has sent her corgi, guards and dog trainer to Liverpool as her wish for the Jubilee is for communities to come together and to find strength, share love and to have hope and dreams. The characters, through music, magic tricks and fun involve the audience in three tests to see if Liverpool can win the royal prize of wealth and a royal bucket of cash for demonstrating their qualities of strength over the years, love which they share and future dreams and aspirations.

Rebecca Ross-Williams, Creative Director Liverpool Lighthouse said, “It is such a joy to be taking theatrical performance to the streets with Muick, the Queen’s (giant) Corgi and characters delighting children and adults alike with a musical, magical show. 

“Liverpool has welcomed The Jubilee Folk street show, with hundreds of people joining in and celebrating together. The show will engage 70 streets and thousands of people, culminating in the Anfield Community Jubilee Celebration Thursday 2 June 12pm – 6pm at Liverpool Lighthouse, which will bring together artists and the local community in a family day of activities and performances, officially opened by the Lord Lieutenant and featuring special characters from The Jubilee Folk; Muick the Queen’s corgi, Rodger and Ralph the Queen’s Guards and Margarita, the Queen’s Dog Trainer.”

China Spirit from Birkenhead compete internationally in Chinese Lion Dance performing acrobatic routines as a lion and have been working to translate this into the corgi character.

Lord Lieutenant Mark Blundell said, “How lovely it is that The Jubilee Folk Street performances are celebrating the Platinum Jubilee, bringing communities together to celebrate strength, love and aspirations and bringing joy to the streets of north Liverpool.”

As a special celebration over the Jubilee Bank Holiday there is a Community Jubilee Celebration in Anfield at Liverpool Lighthouse on 2 June, starting at midday with a family fun day where everyone is welcome.  The Lord Lieutenant will officially open the celebration at 2pm with a performance of the Jubilee Folk followed by a line-up of local artists and community groups.

Liverpool Lighthouse took musical theatre performance to over 40 people’s doorsteps reaching over 250 people last year during Covid restrictions and was incredibly popular. 

To find out where Jubilee will be performing please visit:

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