Terrified dog ‘ran in fear for five miles’ rescued from railway line

A dog who was spooked by a loud noise and ran away for five miles ending up on a railway line as a train approached had to be rescued by the RSPCA and fire service.

Delilah had become trapped on the line near Upton Train Station, after she became frightened and ran off during her morning walk near Kingsley Close in Pensby on Thursday, February 24.

Her owner Claire Fishlock said she was walking the two-year-old crossbred dog in nearby fields when a bird deterrent noise on a nearby farm went off – causing Delilah to bolt. She was hit by a nearby car as she fled the scene and continued to run in a panic.

She was spotted a couple of hours later by another walker – five miles away near Upton Station – when the terrified dog was seen running towards a metal fence at the side of the track after a train had sounded its horn.

In her panic, Delilah was trying to get her head through the gaps in the metal fence and the member of the public was concerned that she would get stuck or if she bolted again she would be hit by a train so they alerted the RSPCA.

The fire and rescue were at the scene and joined forces with the  RSPCA’s Animal Welfare Officer Katie Glenn to help the terrified pet.

Katie said: “I used my grasper and a lead to hold Delilah still so she would not bolt into the train track while the fire crew went to get permission from Network Rail to allow us to close the line so we could get to the dog from a gate at the other side of the track.

“They closed down the line and we were able to safely rescue Delilah who was clearly terrified.

“Fortunately she had a collar with her owner’s mobile number on so I called Claire to tell her we were in the middle of rescuing her dog and she came to the scene.

“A crew from Saughall Massie Fire station and train workers were great in helping save the pooch and it was a great team effort. 

“I must admit I did think I have heard of adverse weather delaying trains but never a dog!

“It was so nice to see her reunited with her owner Claire who was obviously worried sick when she ran off and she continued running for five miles along roads and the train track so she was clearly terrified – she was a lucky dog really.”

Claire said, “Delilah is a Romanian rescue dog so is nervous but we have been working on her recall and she has been doing so well. This loud bird deterrent made a massive bang and then she ran off.

“I then heard a thud and knew she had been clipped by a car and so went in search of her but to no avail and I was really upset thinking we would not see her again.

“Delilah still seems a bit timid following her ordeal but she is getting better. I did quote the Tom Jones song ‘Oh why, why, why Delilah!’ when I got her home. 

“She had a veterinary check and we think she just ran into a car but was not badly hurt – she really is lucky to survive the whole ordeal.

“I am so grateful for the team effort involved in saving Delilah – the RSPCA, fire service and Network Rail were fantastic and she is now getting lots of cuddles at home.”  

To help the RSPCA continue rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals in desperate need of care please visit their website or call our donation line on 0300 123 8181.

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